Satin Jackets is the project of German music producer Tim Bernhardt. Worldwide successes like “You Make Me Feel Good,” collaborations with in-demand vocalists, as well as top-ranked remixing work for the likes of genre-defining acts such as Goldroom and Blank&Jones, have turned the project into a very recognizable brand name for lush Indie Dance and Nu Disco tunes. His debut album titled “Panorama Pacifico” has been out since April 2016 on the acclaimed Eskimo imprint. The Belgian label has been a purveyor of disco, house, and everything in between for over fifteen years. Satin Jackets spent the last year between the studio recording and taking several live shows across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia thereby opening his fluid pop-appeal and accessible four-to-the-floor groove up to the world at large. Scaling the heights of the Hype machine from his first release to the latest, and clocking up way over ten million plays on Spotify, Satin Jackets’ original brand of diva funk and smooth disco has whetted the tastebuds of the likes of Majestic Casual, Clash Magazine, and i-D mag who said the duo’s “super sexy, infectious house music is filled with the vibe of summertime.” His ongoing work with Eskimo Recordings will ensure that Satin Jackets continues playing a vital role with crowds favoring momentum between 105 and 115 beats per minute.

What can you tell us about your early DJ and production career before the birth of Satin Jackets?
Your first DJ experiences? And your first journey into production and the countless hours trying to get your first release signed?

I started DJing at local clubs in the late 90s. That’s also when a friend and I formed the Deep House project “Lorenzo”. We released three albums together in six years. I worked in music for film and advertising afterwards for a while until I decided to get back into the business and start Satin Jackets when the Nu Disco scene evolved.

Where about’s are your from exactly? Its still a bit of a mystery to most of us? Do people in the street and around your neighbourhood know about your secret identity? What do they say ?
I live in a rural part of northwest Germany. People around here know that I’m a music producer but I’m not sure how many actually looked into Satin Jackets. Generally, I enjoy my privacy a lot.

What labels have you released on? do you have one of your own labels or any plans to start one in the future?
Satin Jackets exclusively releases with Belgium-based Eskimo Recordings since the days of “You Make Me Feel Good”. I run a small vinyl-only label called “Pole Jam Vinyl” at the side for the fun of it. I will release four tracks from my “Diamonds EP” on it soon.

This seems to be the international consensus as Satin Jackets has racked up nearly 10 million plays on Spotify and has attracted the attention of Majestic Casual and Hype Machine. The band is gearing up for a tour of the United States and Mexico in May on the strength of their debut album Panorama Pacifico, but Bernhardt still seems surprised by the single’s success.

People email me all the time talking about where they listen to it: jogging at the beach, working out, driving, studying,” Bernhardt says. “The song really touches them, it does its job. It makes them feel good.”

The anonymity also allows Bernhardt some small perks like not being hassled by fans, and even being able to go to his own shows unnoticed.

Sometimes I go incognito. I mingle with the crowd and no one even knows. I can be a part of it without the spotlight on me. It’s something I really enjoy doing” Bernhardt says.

For Bernhardt, it’s always just been about making the music he wants to make—no touring, no fame, just the opportunity to share what he loves to do. And what he loves to do is make some dance hall bangers with shimmering, beautiful pop hooks.

Beyond the Daft Punk comparison, Bernhardt points to most of the ‘80s and ‘90s German deep house scene as an influence on his music. Producers like Trevor Horn and labels like Strictly Rhythm and Henry Street Music inspired him to create this style of music and so now he’s meticulous about paying homage to his idols in just the right way.

Following their huge collaboration “Northern Lights,” German producer Tim Bernhardt as Satin Jackets and British singer David Harks are joining forces again to deliver another gem called “Through the Night.” Armed with those sleek synths and an overall air of mystique, these fellows know exactly how to please the ear.

David Harks provides the perfect dusty haze of vocals to match that signature smooth Satin Jackets groove. “Through the Night” will certainly work any room with its sensual intentions. Bernhardt describes working with Harks, “The two of us are quite different in terms of working styles so I feel this is a perfect case of how opposites can attract.” It’s a glorious addition to the reasons why there’s so much Satin Jackets love. Find “Through the Night” out now via Eskimo Recordings.

How about the mask? How did you come up with design idea and anything you can tell us about its secret material or functions?
Do you just have one mask? Or there is a couple of backups? How has the mask evolved as your career and profile has grown?

The idea behind the mask is to let music be the only star.

In the studio what set up are you using? Software, studio monitors, favourite plugins and that one magic synth you can never do without?
Any pics? We would love to see your studio and where the magic happens.

I’m sure people have seen this kind of studio setup many times. There’s a computer at the center, a Mackie Control unit in front of it, some racks with gear and monitor speakers. There’s a few keyboards and an Ableton Push controller as well. All tools to make an idea happen.

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