Koyuki is Indonesia’s answer to bass music! Not one to go bandwagon jumping with the last genre in vogue she has stuck to her guns and now the dedication to her craft and sound is paying dividends. From chilled out Liquid Drum & Bass to peak time bass heavy beach rave sets she does it all on a nightly basis and there is no signs of her slowing down. Armed with a vinyl set up, a music collection most DJs could only dream about sourcing and the skills to match – Koyuki is the real deal and coming to rinse a dancefloor near you.

First of all tell us about yourself some? Your heritage your upbringing in Bali and Indonesia?
I was born in 1982 in a small city on java near Bandung, called Purwakarta. At the age of 10 i started singing in my hometown. when i was 12 years old i won a singing competition in bandung. From that point i started to perform a lot in the region. I combined singing with playing the guitar in the first years. Later when i moved to jakarta i combined singing with playing the piano. At the age of 21/22 i came into contact with dj Mumu (the legendary dj of Stadium). We became good friends and he learned me how to dj. Back then we played with turntables and vinyl only. It started with classic 80s disco and later we changed more to house music. In 2005 i moved to japan. The hiphop scene was booming at that moment in Japan. I adapted to this genre and started playing hiphop during my years in Japan. I played regularly in several famous clubs in Niigata and Nagaoka. In my clubbing time in japan i came into contact with a female D&B dj. Due to her i was inspired by the sound of drum&bass. But it was a difficult scene in Japan. When i moved from japan to bali in 2012 i soon came into contact Oracle soundlab Javabass (jakarta) and Balibass. The collaboration with these labels made it possible for me to play at venues in Bali, Jakarta and Bangkok.

How does a girl of all these experiences and directions in life find her way into a full time Drum and Bass DJ in Bali. A genre which isnt the biggest and most popular in our island but you are really doing a excellent job of pushing the sound into new markets and venues?
Like you say, its a very small scene and its hard to be a fulltime drum&bass dj. Even though my heart is drum&bass, i have to play different genres as well once a while. In long sets i play in Sandbar (canggu) i try to combine hiphop with drum&bass. And sometimes i just have to play funk/house/jazzy music for a sunset. Since last year the drum&bass community is working together and we are trying to reach out to more venues for regular drum&bass nights.

How long have you been DJIng for and how do you compare the technology you are using nowdays to what you started on?
I’ve been professionally dj`ing since 2005. Back then i learned playing with vinyl, but nowadays i play with Traktor and Serato as well. I still like the feeling of the turntables, but nowadays I don’t need to carry a heavy bag of vinyls. Also the costs of vinyls are expensive. You need to buy your tracks carefully. It would be impossible for me because i have to switch different genres as well. This is a big plus on the new technology. On the other hand the new technology makes it all to easy. Everybody can read out the display of traktor or recordbox.

How about a tune that really influenced you thru your journey from now until then?
The Winstons – Amen Brother. (1969) They are the creator of the so called “Amen-break”. a sampled drumloop. Its been widely used in de hiphop and drum&bass scene. Because of this drumloop i fell in love with drum&bass.

How about outside of Bali and Indonesia. Where else has your music and turntable craft taken you to?
I`ve been playing Hiphop for a 7 years in Japan (2005-2012). I played a few gigs mixed electro/hiphop in Malaysia 2013 Kota kinabalu . Ive been dj`ing on a cruiseship as well in 2014. which brought me to a lot of cities through Asia. And last year I did a tour in Thailand where i could finally go international in my passion for drum&bass. I played at Glow in Bangkok and Jungle Vibe festival in Ratchaburi

Whats Koyuki’s top 5?
Bun Ya Too (feat. Marcus Intalex)
sphere – technimatic
Heartbeat Loud (Andy C VIPmix)
Desire (feat. Collette Warren)
Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

Where do you see DJ Technology heading to in the next 5 years?
I don’t really think so much ahead when it comes to new dj technology. I:ve seen amazing changes in the last 12years already. The dj scene is so much bigger and theres a lot of bad dj`s that are able to dj because of the technology. I hope real talent still can be found within the next 5 years.

Your playing before Alison Wonderland this weekend at Treasure Island. What do you know about Alisons show and production?
What i do like about Alison is that she grew up as a classical musician. I think it comes in very handy when you know how to handle real instruments when you become a music producer. This gives a big advantage and in creating new samples and making new songs. The transition she made from classical music to trap/future bass is something i really admire. She went into something completely new with her own knowledge of music. I saw she is touring in the USA soon as well.

How have you seen the Bali industry grow in the past few years? The events ? The parties? The Underground movement?
The party scene has grown very big in the last years in Bali. For me personally the general partyscene is getting to fancy. Its more about seen and te be scene then its about good music. I used play at underground partys in Java where people really come to dance and don’t really care about the looks or a bottle of Grey Goose on the table. Koh is a place i can really appreciate, its back to basic. A concrete club with a fabulous sound system and good artists. People come there really to party. I do like the canggu scene, pretty poison has a good drum&bass night and sandbar is the only place in bali were you can party 3 times a week on the beach till 4 in the morning.

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Where are you currently playing? Both guest spots and residencies?
I currently have residence at skai beach club, Envy and Sandbar. This month i will have extra gigs at la favella, la plancha and la laguna. Pretty poison the skate competion i play once a month.

Last of all anything we missed you want to promote and send a shout out too?
I want a shout out to dunie, he`s the founding father of oraclesounlab. because of his hard work the drum&bass community is getting stronger in bali and his recordlabel recently entered beatport.
I want to thank Yuki Yamaguchi for some very nice job opportunities and gave me residence at skaibeachclub.
And thank you David Willis for letting me play together with alison wonderland.

I hope to see you all on friday, and for those who missed me come see me regularly at skai beach club or Wednesday night at sandbar (echo beach)